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Writers and bloggers are a unique and diverse group. If anyone has ever attempted to blog, you know finding the resources and inspiration to write can be challenging. Friday, I took to the beach- old school and unplugged with paper and pen.

Sun, sand, and an open mind

Sometimes it takes a fresh perspective and location to get the ideas flowing again. Part of my business is blogging. At Put Another Way, I blog for a variety of clients from mental health professionals to pest control services and accountants to marketing gurus. I would not trade one of them for love nor money. I am so lucky they have engaged with me to write for them

But, when it comes to the Pasta on the Floor site, well, that is more about me. So I took myself out of the office and headed to the beach. I packed a large iced coffee, a good cheesy romance novel, and a notebook and pencil. The pandemic added a little challenge to getting on the beach but once it was said and done, I was golden.

My skin remembered the feeling of warm summer sun and soon my mind began to open. Blog topics flooded my mind and the pencil was quickly in motion. Ideas began to flow for the clients who engage with me to write for them, the websites and content I have in process, and the fun thoughts for the Pasta site.

I was not inclined to pen a full post from the beach chair. The sun and sounds were too memorizing. The long-lost tradition of pencil on paper coupled with the reflection of the sun made the paper shine so bright and clean. A back-lit keyboard pales in comparison just like Pizza Hut cannot compare to Chip’s home-made pizza. Easy choice.

stress free beach blogging!

Sounds bring back memories

Taking a short break, I leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes. Kids laughing and mothers applying suntan lotion to squirmy kids made me smile. The sound of boats on the lake captured my attention. Although I love hearing Izzy’s peaceful snores on my office floor, this was the break my mind and soul needed.

Truth be told, I did bring one single beer to drink on the beach, in case I wanted it. I did not need it but the memory of my first beer on the beach made me smile. It was somewhere around 1980. My cousin Joanie and I brought 4 Molson Canadian beers to Saratoga Pool. Never did a beer taste that good. (Come to think of it, that might have been the last time my stomach saw the sun.)

Your place in the sun

Not all of us are sun worshipers. I was blessed with Italian skin that turns a golden brown and calls to the sun. I was in heaven and my soul knew it. The down side was I had to be quiet. No one to talk to- no Chip.

The best part of going to the beach with Chip is that Chip can sleep and that means I must be quiet. Never works. Inevitably, he concedes and chats ever so patiently with me. I missed him on that afternoon.

The book was my diversion. I was so engrossed in my cheesy beach romance novel that I forgot about COVID-19, masks and gloves, and social distancing. When I glanced up, I saw people on the beach with masks, nervous about being out yet longing for the same peace I sought that afternoon. A small ping of angst rises but I do not honor it. The sun is calling me and so is my paper and pencil. COVID will have to just wait.

2 chairs at the lake for perfect blog writing

Peace out

I lifted my face to the sun and dipped my toes in the water. It was so refreshing and pure. Soft on the skin and cool to the touch. I think I have written enough in my notebook and cried a tear or two for the main characters in my romance book. I am going to kick back for a few more moments before heading home and let the sun free my spirit.

Friday is pizza night with Chip, and I hurried home so we could enjoy a robust black garlic and smoked bacon sauce for the pizza.

Recipe to follow soon, I promise.

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