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(I wrote this on Saturday, May 14th, but I just could not post it till today)

Today is the 36th anniversary of our first date. Our first date is the calendar date I celebrate most because without that first date, there would be no wedding date, no anniversary, or the birth of our children. May 14, 1986, is when my life started. I am unsure how to live these days, months, and years without him.

How about a beer?

Wolf Hollow Brewing

My college roommates always said that beer was a good idea. So, I am sitting here at Wolf Hollow Brewing drinking a Brunettes Revenge Blonde IPA, the one Chip always picked for me. There is a beautiful breeze as I sit under the pines and smell the heady aroma of beer…and wood chips. It is almost peaceful. I came early so I would not have to walk alone past a crowd of people or think about the fact that I was alone. I have tried to come here alone twice now and was unsuccessful. I could not get past the parking lot, but today I did.

Behind me is the tent where we held Chip’s celebration of life last August. How surreal to experience both peace and pain.

So, what heals the soul? 

I am all alone in this beautiful place. There is literally no other patron, and I revel in its spirituality. There is a little Sultans of Swing playing in the background and no other sound. Not a soul, and my thoughts and these words are just flowing freely. The beer is cold, and the wind is warm- perfect for a writer’s mind. So, to answer the question about what heals? Right now, a good IPA does.

Before heading home, I will write a few responses to my recent batch of the Letters to Juliet. I have a lovely Wegmans cheese to review a little later. Stay tuned.

Oh, I see some cars pulling in. Young couples are looking to spend a few hours drinking great beer in the shade. I remember that feeling so well, and it is a great memory.

PS To-Go Chip is here too.

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  1. Kevin Fall

    Love this! So glad you were able to enjoy a little time as you did. The perfect environment and timing, no doubt Chip-assisted. Hugs to you Karen!

    • Karen

      Thanks for taking the time to send a note.
      PS. That beer was good!


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