Bless me Father…..

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….and all you good Catholics, like me, know the rest.

There are only a few weeks left in Lent.  My good deed activity is up. I have helped people in the supermarket; in NYC I have taken pictures of tourists together beside landmarks for them so they could both be in the picture; (I have done that for years. Once they realized I was not going to dash with their camera, the fear left their eyes.); and I have diligently tried to greet people especially in the morning when getting coffee or leaving the gym. Note to self:  watch the level of enthusiasm.  I have had my greeting returned with a little more interest than I intended to convey.

The rest of my Lenten deeds/sacrifices have always included giving up chocolate. I NEVER have cheated. I have thrown out coffee that I inadvertently asked for a pump of mocha.  I have worn gloves and chewed gum when making brownies so I wouldn’t be tempted to just lick my finger, or that dreamy spatula covered in brownie batter.

But this week was more than I could take.  All jobs have stress, mine is no different but this week was a doosey.  I felt like it was coming from all directions and none of it was good. Four major projects, all in state of upheaval. I tried to stay focused, I went to the gym twice a day for relief but on Thursday the unthinkable happened.  I turned to that sweet yellow box. Mallomars.  I ate a Mallomars.  I slowly and deliberately ate that cookie and it was seconds later that I felt terrible.  I could not take back but I could snap out of it and stop. I sealed the box and buried it in the closet. Done.

So I share this with you to ease my guilty conscience and to put me back on track for the remainder of Lent.  Too bad I didn’t do this on a Sunday. My best friend Michelle would have told me it was OK, you can cheat on Sunday. Her grandmother told her so it must be true.

Just add that question to the list of questions I have for God when He and I share a cup of coffee and talk.

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