Big Day for “The Girls”

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This week I had my 6-month check up with my oncologist.  Every six months I see her: one time for a mammogram and exam, one time for MRI and exam.   Mammograms are not easy, it is not pleasant getting the girls squeezed in between two glass/plastic plates, but none-the-less it will save your life.
An MRI is a different story for me.  I cannot and will not get into that death tube without 4 Valium and a Zanax.  I know, 4 Valium in the span of 2 hours…the house could burn down and I could care less. Thanks to the wonderful gentleman who does this annual event for me, he is super.  I get in there and ask, “where do you want the girls?’ and in they go, the injection in the arm and 30 minutes later, I am in happy land.
So now I am off to Rochester to the oncologist. I am sitting there waiting to hear how the MRI came out and my sister sends me a text that Hooters is opening on Wolf Road!  I text her back and tell her I am at the boob-doctor’s office with a serious dent in my left boob from the surgery: NOT a Hooter’s candidate. She tells me that just might be my in! Maybe she is right?
My ‘girls’ have been through their share of pushing and pulling but nowhere near what some women have to endure.  I see them sitting next to me with the scarves on their heads and I feel for them. When I walk through that door that says Cancer Center,it scares me. I am lucky and I pray that they too, one day, can make light of it. In the meantime, the girls and I will just keep doing what we need to do…..

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