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Beekman’s Chedda Goat Cheese Review


Upstate New York- Sharon Springs

Price point


(not that it matters)

100 Calories per Ounce with 7 grams of fat and 7 grams of protein.


Miss Tillie and I took a ride to Sharon Springs, New York, in search of something fun to do on a Saturday afternoon.  The Beekman 1802 Mercantile and Kindness Shop is a mere 52 minutes from home and a beautiful drive down Route 20. The people there are welcoming, knowledgeable, and happy to welcome Miss Tillie to the store.  I purchased some products I love, such as Honeyed Grapefruit Hand Salve and Bloom Cream, and how could I resist grabbing some cheese?!

The Chedda Goat Cheese in and of itself is worth the drive. The flavor is unique.  Your eyes and a bit of your nose will say goat cheese and the texture and flavor are cheddar; it is beautifully bizarre and quite a gift!

The herbs de Provence are not overbearing and give the cheese a little zing.  I paired it with a granny apply and fig balsamic glaze. Wowza.


Chedda Goat Cheese is a goat milk cheese flavored with Herbs De Provence. Beekman describes it as, “cheese that fuses goat milk with a sharp and salty cheddar contrast that’s simply heavenly to the pallet and gets better with each bite.”

Beekman 1802 cheese


The cheese comes in an 8 ounce log and can easily be sliced, unlike so many goat cheeses that fall apart or are not easy to slice.  I let it come slightly to room temperature.

This cheese is so unique that it required me to stop and pause to experience the texture. The slices hold together but are not heavy and dense, does that make sense? Is it creamy even though it is sliced nit spread.  You must try this!

Beekman 1802 Chedda Goat Cheese review


Interesting aroma as once again your brain and your palette are in conflict between goat cheese and cheddar.  It’s awesome and no where near the pungency of goat cheese.

Look and feel

Light is color and weight and pairs perfectly in a simple water cracker.  It is slighly crumbly but holds together.

Wine pairings

A Pinot Noir paired perfectly with this cheese. If red is not your thing,  this cheese also paired will with a glass of Kendal Jackson Avant, unoaked Chardonnay

Where to buy it

Take a trip to Beekman in Sharon Springs. Do some shopping and head over to the American Hotel and sit on the porch with a glass of wine and a snack.

To me, there is no such thought as, “it’s just cheese.” No, it is not, and Beekman’s Chedda Goat Cheese is worth the trip to Sharon Springs. Take the back road home through Canajoharie. As you leave Sharon Springs, you will pass the remains of the baths that made Sharon Springs a gem and perhaps will return to those glory days. Here is a cool article from Wandercuse, “Why Sharon Springs is the Best Village You’ve Never Visited.”

Happy snacking. Email me if you have any questions or suggestions for cheeses that need to be reviewed and shared!

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