Because That’s How We Roll

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I had the most wonderful time on Saturday night with old friends, new friends and some martini acquaintances.
I have been friends with Michele since we were 7 years old.  I love her like my sister. (Except for that one time with regards to crowning Mary, but you will hear more about that later on.) We went to dinner in Amsterdam at Parillo’s Armory Grill and it was unbelievable; best Ala Vodka sauce I have had in years.  Jackie and her family and crew are wonderful. My friend’s family was there, a business partner of theirs and we were off……because that’s how we roll. That was the saying of the night although I am unsure what it means, but I like it.
Anyway, we got there early and thought we would hang out at the bar for a few before dinner.  My husband, the DD and the rest of the gang had wine. I thoroughly enjoyed a Dirty Martini, shaken not stirred with three olives.  Peace.  Next to me sat a wonderful woman who I struck up a conversation with.  She was in her mid-70’s, divorced long, long ago and hanging out with two friends who were recently widowed.  She asked what I was drinking and shared that she never had a Dirty Martini. Now the bartender hears this conversation and from out of nowhere makes a mini-Dirty Martini for her to try.  She loved it! I laughed like crazy. We hugged and parted ways.  I hope she reads this….if you are, Hello Carm!!
The six of us now sit down to dinner. None of us can see anymore so we pool our glasses to see who has the best pair to fit those who are without.  Long gone are the days of doing shots and talk of late nights out….now we share glasses, one pair of trifocals and that person shall remain nameless! All of us have at least half Italian blood in our veins.  This makes the sharing of food off each other’s plates much easier as you do not have to explain why. We all know why. (Michele is Italian via osmosis. That’s all I have to say about that). Three hours go by and we have sampled the best food, shared two desserts and sipped some strong coffee. It was wonderful.
I have said it before and I mean it, I am blessed to have family and these friends.  They round out my life and remind me who I am….mauve underwire and all: because that’s how I roll.
In case you are wondering, my dessert was carrot cake. 19 days to go…….

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  1. Larry Eiss

    I saw a guy with a tee shirt that had a picture of a rolling pin on it. Under the picture was “This is how I roll.” I loved it.


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