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It’s that time again when moms are happy and kids are blue. School supplies have been purchased, packed up and sent off yet that constant stream of “I need….” will continue for some time.  I have signed over a dozen permission slips and written 5 checks for yearbooks, lunches and planners.  Wait. Isn’t that school tax bill coming up soon? Oh yes, I am about to sell my right kidney!

I now have one in high school and one in middle school.  Those younger days of purchasing crayons, baby wipes and hand sanitizer have been replaced with binders and graph paper and calculators that I have no idea how they work or what they do. I won’t even begin to discuss clothing issues and cellphones.

I worked the student store today at the middle school like I have done for the past 3 years for my daughter’s term there.  Now it is my son’s turn. I am beginning to see why having a daughter, in the  long range scheme of life, outweighs having a son.  She used to run up to me with her friends and hug me, give a goodbye and even an “I love you”.  I did not even get a “hey”. Ugh…..wait till he marries some non-Italian girl. Is this the heartbreak I have to look forward to?  I think I am having chest pains.

So like all good Italian moms I did what I know to be true: food heals. I baked cupcakes and I wait.  Amelia came in and chatted up a storm, ate 2 cupcakes and thanked me.  The jury is still out with Jack.  He is good for a half a dozen at least. I work from home most days so that affords me the luxury of this time with them when they first get home, before Facebook, before the texting and before the calls and ultimately homework. Izzy waits too. I hear her snoring under my chair waiting for some Pug Love to come her way.  I tell her to  be patient. They are not babies any more Izzy.  (I will miss these days)

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