Axe is NOT Tide

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My son had basketball practice tonight.  He has a pair of favorite shorts that he loves to wear.  They were dirty and here starts the story.

I came in from a great Zumba class tonight, quite ready for a shower and when I opened the door I smelled it:  Axe.  Last I checked, Axe was not, is not and will never be a substitution for a shower or Tide detergent in my laundry.  To a 13 year old boy, it does the trick.  Really Jack?

As I was dressing for my class tonight, he came into my room looking for the lint brush to get Izzy hair off his black t-shirt.   He can’t have hair on the t-shirt but he can  smell like an Axe factory? I don’t get it.

Maybe it’s because I am a girl.  Girls do not do that. Amelia would never, ever spray something to mask dirty clothes.

I had a friend in college, his nickname was “Pitcher”.  (Get it?) He played rugby but could bake the meanest cheesecake. I used to type his papers for him and he would make me dinner and cheesecake. One night I went over to deliver his typed paper and  have dinner with him.  When I walked into his apartment, he was washing his kitchen floor.  Good right?  Not so fast.  He was washing it by running the dishwasher with the door open so the soapy water fell onto the floor.  That was the last dinner and cheesecake I ate with him.

Is Jack destine for that kind of hygiene?  I don’t think so.  His room is neat, his bed is made, usually, and he showers sometimes twice a day.  Maybe I should just buy 4 more pair of shorts like his favorite pair so I don’t smell Axe for 12 hours.

P.S. putting the ceiling fan on high only spreads the smell faster. Yankee Candle has nothing on Axe!  That smell will outlast us all.



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1 Comment

  1. kelly sweeney

    OMG, the storey of my life between wrestling & lax bags! Two peas in a pod those two! Love kel


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