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It has been a bit over a week since Whitney Houston died. It has bothered me to see someone so young, talented and beautiful die so senselessly. I watched the services and the funeral and heard all those people speak of her and her life. It reminded me of when my roommate died.  We were at her wake and funeral and my friend Ann aid, “how come we all dropped everything to be here but we could not see each other for dinner, or a movie? How come?”

Good question which brings me to my point: Ask.  If you see a friend that is going thru a hard time, ask that person out for coffee. If your sibling struggling with issues or life in general, ask what you can do to help.  And if you think that person will say that it’s OK, they are doing fine….don’t let it go.  Sometimes you don’t know there is a problem and that makes it tough.  Sometimes we need to share our imperfections and deficiencies and others will open up.

I have taken over a half dozen women for either a mammogram or to schedule their mammogram.  If I didn’t share my story and my fear, they might not have known and conversely opened up to me for help.  Same with the miscarriage I had and the hysterectomy.  You give some—to get some and I have the best circle of friends that anyone could ever ask for. How do you think I learned all of this? I was that recipient of a good hug, and a strong cup of coffee. (perhaps a Vodka on the rocks)

So ask someone if they are OK and ask for help if you yourself need it. You may be surprised how it turns out.

And not to be too heavy on topic this Sunday afternoon, Gina, I did try a smaller size of underwear this afternoon and I think I damaged myself in ways that only my OB/GYN may be able to repair. Yikers.  Morale of the story: measure first, purchase later!

(Zumba ladies: wear the thong!  Less tugging and more freedom!)

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