Are you worthy?

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I am not referring to being worthy of a kidney so just hear me out….

Recently a group of friends and I were discussing some of our favorite snacks and foods that we cherish and protect- from arguably unworthy food thieves and takers of private treats. I cannot totally recall how the conversation came about amidst the roar of laughter transpiring at the time. Interestingly enough, we all confessed to hiding “treats” from our loved ones, friends, roommates and office mates.

Oh c’mon, you never hid a favorite food item or posted a note on said item warning of the dangers and the promise of physical harm should said item go missing or diminish in volume?

The underlying issue of worthiness comes from the person’s lack of respect and absence of shear enjoyment of a treat like a truffle, cupcake or protein bar.  Some people eat with abandon and never stop to savor the spectacular experience of eating that treat.  Inhalation is the word that comes to mind.  Our group of ladies, sadly gents, determined that it is often the male species that fits into this elite club.

Perreca’s cupcakes are a perfect example.  They are huge and dense and covered with a buttercream frosting to die for.  Civitello’s makes an eclair that I have to admit I struggle with sharing.  That cream is almost illegal. Inhaling these items with abandon may be grounds for divorce or termination of employment in the State of New York.

JoJo bars are a homemade protein bar with outrageous flavors that fuel even the most active athlete or amateur spinner like me.  I cut each bar in slices and savor each slowly with a cup of coffee prior to working out.  Chip eats one before going to bed. Really?  That is an incredible waste.  (He skirts on the edge of an unworthy.)

So how do we go about living in harmony as a marriage, home or office?  We share some, and hide some.  I have hidden candy in the veggie drawer and chocolate covered nuts in my filing cabinet.  Halo Top ice cream is harder to hid in the freezer, or is it?

Simple as that.  Happy hunting.

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