Are these fish drinking the kool-aid?

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Something is going on with the fish in my house. We lost Tessio a while back with an ill-fated plan to jump into the sink to freedom but ended up on the counter, morto!

Friday I was working from home and on a very deep and intense call with a firm discussing marketing the products we offer.  I am listening and writing like a nut as I sit at the kitchen counter.  I hear an odd noise, like a scuffle…… nothing amiss.

I hear another scratchy whirlwind-type sound……nothing amiss.

I look up just as the goldfish, let’s think, I think that may be Fabrizio, is jumping out of the big tank and landing in the little tank that holds my son’s beta fish.  Jack has been teaching himself Korean so I cannot type or say the fish’s name, I call him The Korean.

The splash is intense and the little purple stones is his beta tank are flying around.  I am still on the phone and still trying to listen and remain composed and all I can think of is fish soup. Somebody was about to get hurt, real bad. It was clash of the countries: Italy vs. Korea. More intense than World Cup Soccer.

I am fully panicked.  I grab a small cup and scoop out the first one I catch, The Korean.  At least now they are separated and I can finish up my call. Fabrizio is hanging out at the bottom of the little beta tank and he is breathing like he just swam the East Australian Current with Nemo!

The two fish are separated for a while and then I bring Fabrizio back to the big tank and The Korean is back in his little beta world.  I cannot imagine what he thought when Fabrizio came crashing down on him.

Maybe Fabrizio and Tessio had some kind of pact, drank the Kool-Aid, did an old fashioned spit hand (fin) slap.  I don’t know but these fish are crazy.  Izzy doesn’t give me too much drama unless she chases a rabbit or chipmunk.  Izzy is scared now, it is thunder-boomering and she doesn’t like it.  I can deal with dog issues but these fish are bizarre. I better check the oxygen levels and keep all sharp stones away from them!. I am playing a little James Taylor now to soothe everyone.  I need a glass of Pinot!

Side Note: the money count for my stop cursing crusade is up to $8.00.  The fees for infraction are broken down as follows:
$1.00 for the “F-word” or anything in that heinous category.
$0.75 for the the “B or S word” and a mere
$0.50 for the “D-word”.

Donations go to the Wilmot Cancer Center so let’s keep it clean. And I am not going to comment on which $0.75 word I said when I saw that fish airborne with an Olympic level dive into The Korean’s tank.  Povero Fabrizio. La vita non è poi così male! (translated: Poor Fabrizio. Life is not that bad!)

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