and life is (almost) good once again…

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This afternoon as I was working on a very tedious project my doorbell rang.  I know that ring. I looked at the time and I knew immediately who it is was:  my best friend Shelly.  We have been friends since we were seven.  I opened that door and all my antsy-ness and stress were gone. Her hug changed the day for me.

I met her at the door with this crazy boot on my foot and after we laughed about all the injuries I have had over the years.  Thank goodness she has not. We soon settled in for a quick update on the family, school, kids, dogs, cars and her new addition, Toys Gone Wild. What a great name for a boat.

Shelly and I have been through many things together and like most people who have a true best friend, that person knows more about you than any other soul in the world.  Chip is a very close second but all those years with Shell are sure to hold secrets I have not shared with Chip…not intentionally but probably because I can no longer remember them…I can’t remember a lot lately. My sister Amy, however,  forgets nothing and has the goods on me from childhood too.

Shelly would wake up with me in the middle of night when we were Girl Scout camping and not only walk the scary path to the outhouse but actually GO IN it and hold the flashlight for me. (We had been know to lose one or two in the john over the years.) She was in my wedding, I was in hers.  She taught my children at Brown School and when I see her, I don’t know why, but lately I cry when I leave her.  As we sat on the deck and shared a Diet Coke, I silently thought, God, please watch over this woman because the world would miss her. My life would be different without her; I would be different without her.

We said our goodbye’s, hugged a few more times, showed her the color of my bra (inside joke) and after the traditional “beep and wave”, I went back to my office to complete my day’s work. I think many of us go through ups and downs and we need that lifeline to go to. Someone who does not judge, but listens; who does not speak, but feels and who hugs you without the need for one in return.

I was trying to figure out if I could make it to Zumba tonight with this crazy boot on. I did make it to Body Pump but I think Zumba may be asking too much. I think I will hang out and round out the day with my crazy family and soak it in. It is quiet now as we all settle in for homework and miscellaneous projects…making life good, once again.

By the way Gina, Shelly and my sister are the only other living souls who knows exactly how I broke my ribs. Gotcha!

life is good

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  1. Chris Schmitts

    Beautiful…I could have interjected my name for yours and Sheila’s name for Shelly’s. I have known Sheila since 1st grade, roommates in college, I was in her wedding, she was in mine. So…right down to the tears I shed while reading this and thinking of my friend Sheila, and being thankful for newer wonderful, beautiful friend Karen…I thank your sharing this and I thank you for your friendship. I miss you and can’t wait for basketball season!!

    • Karen

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Basketball season will be here before we know it!


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