and the hits keep coming…..

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That’s what my brother says when he is on a bad roll.  To Joey, that usually is regarding his teeth. Even as a little boy, he brushed them with impeccable care.

This week I had a scare with a blood clot in my left leg. One of the many wonderful side effects of Tamoxifen. We rushed to have an ultrasound of the vein in my left leg and after a doctor’s physical exam, it was determined, thank God, that it was just edema..basically swelling.  OK so we move on, beautiful.

Nope, I go to the orthopedic doc for my knee. I have had some issue with that right knee from the classes at the gym: Will, Power & Grace and of course, Zumba. The MRI showed that  it is a cyst on my patella.  Surgery is needed and scheduled for July. Bummer.

But yet,  I am here and sitting on my deck in 86 degree weather eating a pear and cheddar cheese.  After a mani-pedi with Amelia, I am sytlin’!  My shorts are hanging looser this year, my hair is resisting that “Roseanne-Roseanna-Dana” look and so far, no chin hair like my father’s mother.  Life is good.

So when you think those ‘hits keep coming’, try and put it in perspective.  It is not always easy to do and I do not always succeed but I try. Remember, you are here and the alternative is not good.

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  1. Anonymous

    Perspective is Key…my husband says any day he’s here to complain about it — is a good day.



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