Acupuncture vs. Chocolate (Day 11)

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I have a bad knee and ever since the hula-hoop incident, my lower right back is off, hurts a bit and gets stiff.  Wow, did that sound like the ranting of an old woman!
Since my old friend chocolate cannot come to my assistance for another 35 days, I turned to acupuncture.  You naysayers let me tell you: it works! I was diagnosed last July with trigger thumb in need of surgery.  After about 6 sessions no surgery  was needed. My thumb truly is at 100%. I have used acupuncture after having a lump removed from my left breast, hysterectomy surgery and various other aliments including help with my elevator phobia. (we’ll touch on that later)
I called Donna and she saw me yesterday afternoon.  She spent over 2 hours with me and she has magic.  The kind of magic in someone’s soul that makes them believe they can help/heal someone and therefore it does. The kind of magic in their eyes that empathize with your pain and want to  alleviate it, I feel it from her and I believe it heals.
Donna, you are amazing, not quite as amazing as a hot fudge sundae on your first date, but damn close.  I thank you for keeping me out of the OR; away from a pile of M&M’s; and on the straight and narrow path of healing.  I am off to Zumba this morning so we’ll see how this all feels when I am back in action.
Peace….. or so I hope, for another 35 days.

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