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I have a new driver in my house.  By definition, arguably one of the most stressful periods in a parent’s life.  This ranks right up there with leaving them at preschool that first day; their first overnight school trip and move in day at college.

Today, Jack took my car to work and then to practice.  This means he is flying solo from 10am – 7pm. The deal is you must text me every leg of the trip. Every-single-leg.  By 1:30 I have received zero communication from Jack.  So,

  1. I believe he may have been kidnapped
  2. Or he is in a ditch along the Mohawk River
  3. Perhaps he is incapacitated in some way, shape or form

So what would any self respecting Italian mother do?  Oh yes, I asked Amelia to drive me to Starbucks to find him and face-to-face ask him why he did not text me.  Yup, and you know the look I got upon walking into the store.  Was it fear, or were the darting eyes a sign that he was looking to elaborate on the plan already in the works? We discussed it and like any Italian mother to the only son, I forgave immediately upon the “I’m sorry, I love you mom”.  Ugh, how weak!  Amelia was beside herself witnessing this exchange.

We reviewed the deal one last time: you will text me before the car is put in drive that you are leaving; and upon putting the car in park, you will text me that you are  ‘here’.  He agreed, once again, and told me that another carpool mom shared her story with him about how she got her kids to text their arrivals and departures.  They were to text “AA”. (Thanks Paddi.)

Arrived Alive.

This afternoon I received my first “AA”.  Well done Jack. Let’s see what tomorrow brings because if I don’t get another “AA” when you get to practice, you will get a “TYB”.  Take Your Bike.

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