A weekend with Skates.

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My daughter is now a senior at RIT. She will be graduating this year and for the past few years has dated Nick aka Skates. Skates is a phenomenal hockey player and as they used to say in my office in Illinois, he is slick as snot! Nick is from Philadelphia and much to his dismay does indeed have a slight Philly accent. It makes me smile.

Oh. My. Gosh. Am I getting soft? Let’s just hold on and take a moment to review…

The summer of 2016 Amelia brought Skates to our house for the first time for her birthday. The Boyfriend’s First Visit was my initial blogging attempt at bringing Skates into the fold, NOT the Circle of Trust. No one is exempt from the power of the pen and in that blog I made some casual annotations so I thought I would continue this pattern of observations for your reading pleasure:

Just some casual observations of where he scored big or perhaps where he lost points:

  1. He is very neat and straightens the room in the morning.
  2. Skates was adventurous and open minded and made sushi with us trying new things and combinations. He took the ribbing well when his ‘roll’ was slightly oblong.
  3. I still did not observe any PDA.  That’s big in Chip’s book.
  4. He cooked Sunday pasta dinner with Amelia. My mother and my sister came for dinner and we were able to visit while they cooked. I watched from the family room. They were quiet and in sync in the kitchen. You can tell they spend time cooking together often.
  5. For some odd reason, he is kind and patient with Amelia. When we went out to lunch on Saturday, he ordered the beer that he thought she wanted to order and when she forgot to do so, he traded with her.
  6. Just an observation, I have no idea what Pokémon is or what the fancy controller does. Yes, he explained it, but I am lost. He’s an engineer, I am a writer. Enough said.
  7. Perhaps after reading this, he will still want to come back and visit again.

There may have been a few demerits, but I would be hard pressed to remember and list them. Nick has been mentioned in about 5-6 posts over the years. He was easy to have this visit and we enjoyed getting to know him better. I don’t think I need a hair sample or his Social Security Number this time. (Nevertheless, I could lift a finger print off a glass that I accidentally didn’t wash)

However, entry into the Circle of Trust?  Not quite yet.

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