A Sicilian Message From My Pug

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If you have a dog, you know that dogs cannot actually speak with words but they have no trouble getting their message across.  Years ago we had a 2 pound poodle named Sukki. She was so tiny and so cute and so very much a poodle. Sukki did not like to be anything other than the queen and if such anti-Sukki treatment occurred, she would wait until no one was looking, go upstairs into the master bathroom and pee on Chip’s bath mat.  Not mine, only his. Message received.

As a kid we had a yellow lab named Champagne. Great dog but if you know labs, they do NOT like to left alone.  I cannot describe the carnage we witnessed one Saturday night when we came home from 5:30 mass. It looked like we were robbed.  Message received.

Now pugs are naturally happy and easy going dogs.  Izzy is our pug and at almost 10 years old she has been a very special part of our family.  There is a bond that exists between dog and family and with that comes expectations- expectations the dog has with its human family.

Izzy has been struggling with chronic ear issues requiring medication. She expects that medicine will be properly hidden in some form of people food. I have buried the pills in cheese, turkey and chicken, you name it, she finds it.  A single white spec, the remnants of the pill expelled from its mask of cheese in the middle of the kitchen floor. Message Received.

Most days she stays in my office with me while I work.  My team is used to the snoring and sounds of a content pug.  Sometimes while on a long call and I cannot stop what I am doing to give her attention she gets restless.  This afternoon I had to hit the mute button as the contents of my gym bag were strewn all over the office floor.  Message received.

Izzy sends more of a “Sicilian message”.  She is a pug after all and not too incented to exert herself or expend too much energy. It’s not so in your face but the message is clear.  Do not  mess with me, I am no fool.  I may be somewhat chubby, a toot a lot and I snore but I have your number. Hiding medicine in cheese? Really?

Love your pets, whatever pet you might have.  They are a gift that is not ours to keep for too long. Excuse me now while  I heat up some chicken for Izzy.

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