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Note:  Thank you all for your kind notes, emails, and texts. I have not been inspired to blog since I lost my purpose and reason for humor, sarcasm, cooking, and life in general. I am ready to give it a go now.

I am sure you are reading this headline and thinking, how is Chip traveling with Karen? Hear me out on this one.

It is no secret that living without Chip has just been horrific. I miss our adventures taking Tillie for a ride in the Jeep and seeing where the road takes us on a Sunday afternoon. Then the thought dawned on me- why not take Chip with Tillie and me and see where the road takes us?

The Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge

For decades Chip and I traveled the New York State Thruway, and when passing The Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge, I would often suggest that we check it out.

“Why would you want to drive around and look at weeds…from the car?” he would say.

“It is beautiful,” I replied, “and peaceful.”

But that is as far as we got. So, I decided that the weekend before what would have been our 32nd wedding anniversary, I would take Chip to the Montezuma Refuge. (He is, after all, a captive audience.)

Have backpack-will travel

Chip was cremated, and I have his ashes in a beautiful wooden urn. It is not a sad or frightening urn, and I feel like he is with me. On a warm and overcast afternoon, I placed Chip’s urn in my backpack, leashed up Miss Tillie, and the three of us were on the road again. In just under 45 minutes from our home in Canandaigua, we entered the gateway to the refuge.

I rolled down the windows, opened the sunroof, and at six mph (painful speed for me), I soaked in the surroundings of refuge. I could smell the earth, the mud, and the decay of summer’s flowers, yielding to falling leaves. I worked hard to stay in the moment and be a witness to all that was around me—a little frog in the road to the sound of the geese overhead. Cars lined the road, and the clicking of camera shutters was rampant. It must be a photographer’s heaven.

Chip was with us in the urn and my soul. As we continued on the drive, I wasn’t sure if I felt the warmth of his joy or the heat of his signature smirk. Tillie was content sharing the front seat with him and snoring soundly. The Rippington’s played softly in the background, and we continued.

Soon it was time to go

The eagle structure is quite visible from the Thruway. It beckons visitors to stop, park and take a closer look. A fellow motorist had just set the binoculars on a crane and offered me a bird’s eye view. I left Tillie to guard Chip, and I stepped up on the deck to take a closer look. It was awe-inspiring- so majestic and tall.

I returned to the car and drove in silence as we exited the park. Surprisingly, only a few tears fell as we left and soon we were back home. The house was so silent. I knew it was time to move back home and on that afternoon, I began to pack.

Until we travel again…

Life will never be the same without Chip. I cannot describe the ever-present pain in my heart, but on that afternoon, it felt slightly renewed.

I don’t know where our next adventure will take us, but I am feeling the need for a cookie from The Sugar Shack in Vermont.

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  1. Laura

    You are an inspiration to me. And one amazing lady. Let your new journey begin with your Chip by your side. Please keep me in mind when you are back home and need or want some company. I’m sure we will have lots to share and talk about. I know that you have many many good friends around you, but I’m here.

    • Karen

      I’m back in Nisky. I’d love to share a glass of wine or cup of coffee. ❤️❤️

      • Annie

        That was beautiful!
        May you memories of Chip a and your beautiful life together give you hope! I can’t imagine what you are going through! May God give you strength! God bless !

        • Karen

          Thanks. I believe Chip was with us that day. ❤️

      • Laura

        Give me your schedule, I’m free Saturday and then we can meet next week. I would love for you to come up to the lake I’m sure you have lots of memories here. Pick a date.

        • Karen

          I will reach out soon.

  2. Janet

    I’m thinking it was more of the smirk variety. I think, however, that he would enjoy the continued adventures with you and Tillie. Love to you my friend.

    • Karen

      Indeed. I agree❤️

  3. Melissa OBrien

    You are a brave, strong, kind woman that I so admire, I am sure chip will always be with you❤️

    • Karen

      Yes. He is. Thanks for reaching out. 💕

  4. Kim

    These are the things we do to move through the grief while keeping them with us. I love these “just us” moments.

    • Karen

      It is tough. I am trying to find ways to get through it. thank you for reaching out.

  5. Linda Anzalone

    Hi Karen, I’m a former neighbor of yours from Windsor Dr. I just read about Chip in the Niskayuna Neighbors. I was so sorry to read about Chip’s passing. I have fond memories of the two of you walking past our home, waving hello. I always assumed the two of you may have been on your way to Starbucks like so many of our fellow Windsor Dr. folks. I know your life will be so different without Chip, but you will always carry him with you in your heart. Be well, be strong, stay safe.

    • Karen

      Thank you for the note. I returned to Niskayuna in November and I am happy to be back home with family and friends. I miss him terribly and it gives me peace when I read that others saw him in the same light that I did. Be well too.


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