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The hardest part of being a mom is saying goodbye. I don’t like saying goodbye when I leave, when they leave, leaving the dog, when Jack boats out at a race and more than ever when Amelia goes back to school. I have struggled with this since Amelia and Jack were hatched!

Amelia went back to school today. Chip drove her car and I was lucky enough to have some one on one time with her in my car.   Amelia has not been feeling well and we are dealing with getting answers as to why.  It is worrisome and I am trying not to hover. She is brave and funny and quite the smart@ss. (where does that come from?)  While all this is true, she is still my child. She is handling this better than I am.

When we got to campus we picked up her boyfriend.  Nick had shoulder surgery and is recovering.  He cannot drive.  When I watched them embrace I saw her body relax. She was happy. Nick is a good guy and they are good together.  But. Not. So. Fast. Don’t think it’s all ok.  I’m still waiting to get his hair sample and a DNA test but for now he passes.

She was so happy to be with her friends. She needs them and they will alleviate the stress she is feeling about the upcoming tests she faces. We unloaded the cars, brought in her things and I left her in the hands of her friends, Abbey, Ben, Pete, Nick, Andrew and new kid (sorry if I missed someone guys). I thank you all for looking after her.

I’m home now and walking past her room I felt so very sad.  I miss her. My thoughts now pass to Jack who once again gets the full benefit of all my attention!  Lucky Jack.  Now when Jack goes to college I will wear black and a shroud and throw myself on his floor wailing like any good Italian mother would do.

Be strong Amelia.  You are smart and more than capable to handle all that you are facing and know that you are not alone.  We’re here.  One day at a time. The hundreds of thousands of women marching in Washington DC are just like you.  Do well.  Make a change.  Be the difference.  I know you can.

PS if you are going to use frozen corn to ice an injury, make sure the bag is closed????.

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  1. Laura Macejka

    I just love your writings. You truly say what I want to say. It’s like you are in every Italian moms head. Thank you for being you and thank you for making us think, laugh, even cry with your writing.


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