9 months to 50

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Happy New Year!  Welcome 2012.

In 279 days I will be 50. My goal on my birthday in October was to try and do one new thing per month in my quest to be a better person at 50 years old. 

Let’s review:
Month 1: to do 100 man push-ups.  I have to admit, I am slacking. I was never able to master the 100 man push-ups on the floor but I could do them on a counter level. That’s an improvement from a wall push-up, and I will take that.

Month 2: to be a better laundress! This is something I need to write off and just hope and pray that by the time I am a grandmother, my grandchildren will tell their parents, why can’t you fold like Nonna? It’s good to dream.

Month 3: to branch out in cooking and baking. Hmmm, not too good although I did squeak in last night at almost the final hour of the month and year, a beautiful Rock Shrimp Crepes with Sage Brown Butter. It was delicious.  I will continue on this quest.  I enjoy cooking more than baking because you don’t need perfection or patience.

Now in month 4 my goal is to “think before speaking”.  My brain starts to process and out come the thoughts from my mouth.  I do this all the time and everywhere and I need to think more. This is not always a bad thing but since I am not on a perpetual game show where the answer needs to be first at the sound of the buzzer, I need to improve this skill.  I am hoping it makes me a better listener, better wife and mother and much better employee/co-worker.

Welcome 2012…bring it on!  Bring in some good health to my friends that are battling breast and testicular cancer; bring in some good fortune to the businesses I work for and let them prosper from the tremendous efforts they are putting forth; and bring in health and happiness to my family.  The people closest to me who tolerate me on a daily basis.  Even Izzy, watch over her every day and may the chicken be plenty.

And “Go Nisky Basketball”…..we need a win!  Happy New Year.

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