8 Months to 50

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The clock is ticking and my 49th year of monthly goals is not going so great.  With 8 months to go, let’s see if I can make a change, or two.

Last month the goal was to “think before speaking”….how’d that work out for you, you might ask?  Let’s just say it’s not in my chemical make-up to accept such a change made to my Italian DNA. My inner “Karen” shouted no, and so let it be said.  I try, I really do, and maybe just forcing myself to think before speaking may help a bit, but I tell you no permanent change has been made.  Next.

So this month the goal is to “find peace”. In the last 30 days I have spoken with friends battling cancer and  parent’s illness and time is not waiting for an answer.  We need to find peace where we can either from friends, family, church or we all know we can find it at Zumba.

I have a lovely little pug named Izzy.  Izzy brings me peace. Yesterday I sat in the sun with her (this brings Izzy peace) and just watched her face.  She was totally at peace, and so was I…..at that moment in time.  Breathe—–ahhhhhhh.

NOT SO FAST. I am off to take Jack for a haircut.  We are in the car at 7:55 this morning, laughing and joking.  I hit the garage door button, and back out. Oh wait!  The door was not all the way up….scratch, bang and other assorted gut-wrenching sounds.  OMG.

I get out, the garage door is totalled, the car roof is trashed and I cannot get out of the garage. Peace you ask? Not a chance although I am proud to say only tears…no f-word, no anger.  I saw my Florida get-a-way weekend with my husband slipping away…..Looks like my destination will be Ed’s Overhead Doors and the Audi Dealer.  Patrick will love this one.

So my month of “find peace” is being tested fro the git-go.  Thank God for Starbucks and a hug from the kids (not necessarily in that order). I will try not to eat myself into a carb-coma. Thank God it didn’t happen during Lent. I give up chocolate during Lent.  That could have caused irreversible damage.

Go Patriots….I need that peace to start out the week and Keith will be buying me lunch on Wednesday. I can taste the victory along with that Buffalo Chicken Wrap, and of course, a Diet Coke.

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