7 months to 50: Did I find peace?

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Wow, February went fast, even with the extra day.  Peace came and went.  The  New England Patriots lost the Super Bowl which kind of messed up my chi for the month. Did I have any peace? Of course I did. I had peace watching the Godfather Part I with my son and explaining how beautiful and yet violent Sicily was.  I had peace when I walked my dog last night with Jack and it was snowing and quiet.  I love that feeling. I had peace watching Amelia’s face as she told me how great the basketball banquet was and how happy she was to have her friend there.  This girl had brain surgery last week.  She is a great kid and I am glad she is doing OK.

But now 7 months to go till the big 5-0.  What’s up next for the monthly countdown?  When I look back, I have not been 100% successful in these monthly lofty goals.  Did I learn something about myself? Yes.  Did I make a change in every case? No. So? OK, at best I am at even money.

I think this month I will focus on nutrition. Yeah, that’s it. I will eat better and make good choices. I make them now but still sneak in a few cookies and chips here and there. I will attempt to get my pizza eating,  Pop-Tart idolizing, ‘candy is a food group’, x-box junkies to join in.  Think that can be done? Hmm, let’s see how good a salesperson I really am.

I will go to the supermarket this weekend and stock up on better choices.  I am the one who shops, right? I am the one with the coupons, right? That should make me the decision maker, right? (right.)

A few of us from the gym are going to sign up for the “Couch to 5K” plan and attempt to do a 5k in the spring.  This may be the push I need. I already gave up chocolate and cheese for Lent and since we are only at day 8…. I should be fit and healthy by the time Easter arrives on April 8th.

Off to the gym now…better clean out my ’emergency stash’ of snacks from the glove box.

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