3 months to 50: what the H-E-double hockey sticks?

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I have three months left in my 49th year of life.  God Willing I will be using some form of communication 50 years from now and will be counting down to 100.   I have tried to address things this past year that I either want to do, need to do or need to/want to change.  I have been so lucky to hear from so many people both on Facebook and on this blog who have written and shared stories with me.  IT makes my day to see that ‘comments waiting’ notification!  Thank you.

I have written and deleted and re-written and deleted this post 3 times.  I could not articulate what I wanted to work on this month when it hit me today:  I do not want to curse any more. I am not a big curser but I think it is worse when I am driving.  Today I drove back and forth to my White Plains office and that NYS Thruway ages me at least 3 years per trip.  I was driving my husband’s Audi S4 and I have told you that I have been drag raced, passed in the shoulder and stared down by many Mustang and BMW M3 drivers.  I just laugh and crank my iTunes 50 Shades play list and hum along at about 74 mph.

Cursing is everywhere.  It’s in songs we listen to; the TV shows we watch and the places we frequent….I am not a prude but I think we can do better.  Whatever happened to going to confession and having to tell the priest you took the Lord’s name in vain?  Remember that? As a kid, I thought, does the priest laugh when he hears either a little kid or an old lady say that?

Making this change is important and it has to hurt if I break this promise. So I thought I would put a dollar in a kitty if I curse and I will write a check at the end of the month to the Wilmot Cancer Center at the University of Rochester in Rochester NY. I have been treated by the best doctor, Dr. Kristin Skinner and I have seen how she treats patients with such care and compassion. Not sure how much money I will have at month end, but I will let you all know.

Now I will insure all music on my iPod is clean and even the James Taylor song that lets one fly will be skipped. Try doing this with me.  Maybe we can end the desensitized way we look at things.  Try using ‘cheese n’ crackers’ or  ‘jeez Louise’.  Like the NYS Lotto guys says, ‘Hey, you never know!’

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  1. Meg

    First, Holy Conolli, there is a 50 Shades play list?

    Secondly, jeepers creepers Karen, I didn’t know that you needed to be treated by a cancer doc. I share your loving admiration for such a doctor. I feel the same way about Dr Pierce at AMC Ped Hemoc group! Ian is here because of her!

    Thirdly, I agree. We can all make our point just as important using other than curse words. Although, when something drops out of my hand in the kitchen all over the floor, the work CRAP (but its not the word CRAP) just flies out of my mouth before I can stop it.

    loved your blog:)


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