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old picThis picture was taken some time around 1991-1992.  When I look at this, I see us so much younger and so less experienced.  In some ways, no where near as close as we are today.  We had not been through anything yet.  The wedding was in 1989.  I was working in NYC and Chip had started the business in 1990. Life was pretty good.  I don’t even think we had the dogs and in those days the term for us was DINK- Double Income No Kids.

Today is our 26th anniversary.  The weather, today is spectacular, it’s how I dreamed my wedding day would be.  But nope, Hurricane Hugo had different plans for us.  Every year I think about the deluge of rain that poured down on us. But I also remember how happy I was and when Chip took my hand at the end of that long, long aisle at St. John the Evangelist church, and told me I looked beautiful, I no longer heard the rain.

I think I have learned a lot about my husband and it wouldn’t be a “Chip blog” if I didn’t point out some interesting fun facts:

  1. Chip is very strong with a very high tolerance for pain…until that tolerance is gone. He can take slicing is elbow open for surgery but the common cold? Well, that will put him under. Oh the weeping and whining!
  2. We are 7 days post op from said surgery and he is healing well.  The first three days he needed help, you know, in the personal department. I learned that drying off after a shower when you’re a girl with smooth legs is much easier than drying off a somewhat hairy Italian.  (HEE-HEE)
  3. I learned that he trusts me totally with all aspects of his life, but he would not let me shave his face for him.  Interestingly enough could it be because I cut his ear when trimming his hair in, yes, 1986!
  4. I learned he doesn’t like chunks of coconut, guacamole or nuts in any form in any baked good.
  5. He will NEVER take a Zumba class. I will NEVER ski again.
  6. When I hear, “Oh Honey, I wished you didn’t do that.”  I know he is trying hard not to lose it over something I thought was a spectacular idea.
  7. He does not know my shoe size or my social security number but he does know how I like my coffee.
  8. Chip is patient with me and my affinity for my bicycle with the Nantucket basket and American Flag flying as I ride. It does not, however, prohibit him from “Lancing up” riding gloves and all.  You gotta see it to believe it.
  9. He watches the Hallmark Channel with me when I need to and I try, I really try to watch the Tour de France with him. (ugh).
  10. He is a great dad in every sense of the word. He is the go to guy for ER visits, blood and guts and puke.
  11. Christmas time in our house is crazy and the 9 Christmas trees we cut down and unbox are fully decorated by Thanksgiving.  Poor Chipper.  He has dragged 12-14 foot trees out of the woods many times these past 26 years.

I could go on forever.  I’m pretty sure he could too but I fear how that list may look.   I love you Anthony, Chip, Tony, Charlie or George.  Whatever name I call you know that I am happy you are mine.  Here’s to making it to 50 years!


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  1. dolly

    I just got to reading this today. that was beautiful, I hope Chip got to see it. you are so lucky to have found someone that you love so much and you love sharing life with. I also hope that you make it to 50 years. wonderful family, wonderful life.


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