2015 New Year’s Resolutions-September-It is What It Is.

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I know this may come as a shock to those of you that know me well but I tend to obsess about things. I worry and I lament and I obsess. I wouldn’t say I have a difficult time making a decision but once made, hmmm, was it right?

For September, I will add the mantra, it is what it is to my repertoire of resolutions for 2015.

  • Being a candid writer and speaking from the heart is important to me so I have no problem telling you that so far this month I have not stepped on the scale once, NOT ONCE. It is what it is.  The trainer I work with, Marina, keeps telling me it’s how I feel, not the number on the scale.  Ok she wins another round.
  • Helicopter mom is such a negative term. Over bearing, psychotic, ‘everyone’s an ax murder’ mom really defines being an Italian mom and an Italian mother would be checking Amelia’s parent portal and texting her scary stories about frat guys and late nights. No, it is what it is. I have not called the State Police or Uncle Joe to follow her. I have not, yet, run a background check every kid in the dorm.
  • Poor Jack is my only focus now at home. This is a recipe for (his) disaster.  I have refrained from overly reminding him to do things, put those rubber bands on his braces and make his bed.  With Jack, it truly is what it is. I still need time to work on that. PS I did educate him on the dangers of putting shoes on your bed.  It is bad luck.  He refused to throw out those shoes last night, so I let be what it is.
  • And Chipper, well that is a blog post in and of itself.  He had surgery yesterday and I have tried not to hover over him or over-medicate him.  I did, however, threaten the Nurse Anesthetist. Threaten is an ugly word so I gently suggested that he not screw up. He didn’t, thank God.

So this month, looking back at the previous resolutions, I am going to let it be what it is.  No need to rehash them.  Some good, some bad. Some improvements, some not so much.

January was the push-up challenge-

February was take it slow month-

March was the time to just breathe-

April was the time to sit up straight.

May was intended to help me refrain from commenting on my husband’s terrible driving.

June. I need to get fresh.

July simplify.

August:  Letting it be.

I hope at the end of this year I have learned something, changed something and accepted something.  That really is what it is.

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