2015 New Year’s Resolutions-November- Just Believe

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Why is it easier to believe that you can’t do something as opposed to be able to conquer it?

Why do we insist, as adults, that our children cease all thoughts of “can’t” yet we ourselves struggle with it?

Maybe it’s just time to believe.

Like so many of us, especially those in our mid 50’s, we tend to think it’s ok, we’re getting older.  We make excuses to not try something new.  It’s too late to start a new job, take a course, or online date.  “I can’t do that”.  Oh. Yes. You. Can.

I see my friends concede to the life they have and not try to do something better for themselves.  Complacency is a killer.  A killer of  hope, improvement and change.  While I am no expert and I am not licensed to give advice, I can speak from experience. I am trying, as proof in this year long commitment, to review my life, accept some things and change or improve other things.  It. Is. Not. Easy.

That being said, I look at the topics below for each monthly resolution and I see some success and some not-so-success.  That’s’ ok.  Last month’s self-acceptance was quite an undertaking.  I’m not sure how I faired but it all comes out in the wash.

Here is a look at where I have been year to date:

  • January:  push-up challenge
  • February:  take it slow month
  • March:  time to just breathe
  • April:  sit up straight
  • May:  refrain from commenting on my husband’s terrible driving
  • June: I need to get fresh
  • July:  simplify
  • August:  letting it be
  • September: it is what it is
  • October:  self-acceptance

So I am going to believe that I am stronger and I can be better.

  • I believe I am a good wife and mother and my long list of neurotic tendencies will not permanently harm my children in the long run!
  • I somewhat believe I can run a 5k in the spring and do 15 push-ups closer to the floor than the kitchen counter.
  • I think I can take up Yoga without doing permanent damage to my body or to the poor person behind me who has to see that.
  • I believe my mom loves me no matter how many trips she took me to the ER for broken bones.
  • I somewhat believe I am like her but could never be so lucky to have it be true.
  • …and I think after all these months of reflection and resolution that 2016 will be a good year.


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