2015 New Year’s Resolutions-May- refrain from commenting on my husband’s driving

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Spring is finally upon us. The weather is better and time to get out and about.  Sun roof open, windows down and Chipper tends to drive a little faster and in my ever so humble opinion, his concentration slips.

Before I take that path further, let’s briefly review the first four months:

January was the push-up challenge.  Wait, what is that?  I think it is a muscle, small, but a muscle.  227 bad boys including a triceps pushup. I am on fire.

February ‘s goal was to take it slow. This continues to be a challenge and since I self-diagnosed myself out of the boot on my foot, I would say this resolution still needs some work.

March is the time to just breathe. Wow, again, this one makes me a work in progress. This particular resolution is tested at every turn but I am happy to report that for the second month in a row, no one was shanked.

April  was the time to sit up straight. My friend the Lumo Lift took a little sail across my office simultaneously breaking three months of resolutions.  I did not take it slow; I did not breathe and I did not sit up straight. However,  I DID show that little device who is boss. I have been working with the trainer on my core and that should help me sit up taller.

So now we are in May and it is my resolution to refrain from commenting on my husband’s terrible driving. Chip tells me all the time that he has managed to make it this far without incident or direction from me.  Really Chip?  Let’s review.

  1. How about the time you thought you could out-run the garage door before it came down? That one hurt.
  2. How about the time you picked up a brand new car and hit a high curb forcing you to return to the dealer within an hour for a new tire and rim?
  3. What about driving the wrong way down a one way, clearly marked street?
  4. So many directions not followed? So many U-turns, most illegal.
  5. And my personal favorite: backing into our neighbor Tony’s car and asking me if I saw it there.  “Yes”, I said,         “and you repeatedly tell me not to nag you when you are driving. So I didn’t.” That night we were on our way to dinner when he hit the car.  We stopped in and told them what happened.  Upon our return well after midnight, we saw a tremendous amount of lights in the road across the street from our house.  My neighbor had strung up holiday lights all over the car so we wouldn’t miss it, or hit it again. (true story)

So today is the 7th of the month and I have already failed this resolution.  Chip and I will be driving to Rochester tomorrow. I promise I will keep track of my transgressions and honestly report them to you. Or, I will plead the 5th.

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