2015 New Year’s Resolutions-June- make it fresh

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June- make it fresh? I’ll explain in a minute.  But first, let’s review the past 5 months:

January was the push-up challenge- Oh yeah.396 push-ups in May. Thanks to my trainer, Marina, at Best Fitness. She is kind, patient and somewhat sadistic but I am moving from a wall push up to a box positioned at mid/thigh level, and hopefully to the floor!

February was take it slow month- Ok I am really trying. (Not)

March was the time to just breathe- On this note, I suggested to my fellow over-athletic achievers, that we form a support group for people who work out with various orthopedic devices still attached to our appendages. No one was willing to give up a class to meet. Ha!

April was the time to sit up straight. I hate this stinkin’ thing and I admit I have not used it once this month. FAIL-hear the buzzer?

May was intended to help me refrain from commenting on my husband’s terrible driving. I plead the 5th and seek counsel at this point. Do not badger this witness for details.

June. I need to get fresh. Not pinching men’s tushes kind of fresh but better at making, cooking and eating fresh. Once again, Marina, my shop of horrors trainer has converted me to better eating.  More protein and less fat and carbs.  While the scale is not actually moving, she claims this too will pass and soon I will be dynamic!

So now stocked in my fridge is a container of hard boiled eggs, pre-measured fresh ground turkey breast in individual bags, cottage cheese, and Greek yogurt (yuck). True Athlete makes a protein shake that is phenomenal. I add yogurt, fruits and milk to make super smoothies.

Later you will see a post for a Lemon Blueberry Bundt Cake.  The recipe is easy and much better than store bought. Try it, you can add any fruit you’d like. I did use real butter.  Sorry.

My work in progress continues month by month through these resolutions.  I am progressing. The foot is healing, I have returned to spin and to my life as it was before. It has rejuvenated me.  I think the balance I am slowly learning to understand is that we are all a work in progress and some days are more developmental than not.  We need to be thankful for what we can do and not concentrate on what we cannot do, or be. Eat the cake, maybe with a cool glass of Chambord.  Yummy.

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