2015 New Year’s Resolutions- February-Take it Slow

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To recap, In January, I was thinking about a New Year’s Resolution and I figured it would take a year, and at least 12 resolutions to fix ‘this’.  January’s resolution was to get on the Push-up Challenge Bandwagon.  I did 416 push-ups in the month of January. Thanks to Adrean, I am using a program/app called Cal Tracker to make it easy to keep count.  While I am not as quick and nimble as my fellows challengers, I find them supportive and encouraging to a fledgling like me.  I will keep this up all year and let’s see how that count grows.

On the January 29th I had surgery on my left foot leaving me quite incapable to doing even a wall push-up. I am down to one crutch right now and I think I can pick it back up after I see the doc on Tuesday. I don’t want to let this go.

So now on February 6th, I lament over what this month’s resolution should be… and being in this boot with crutches clinched it for me. Slow Down.

I need to slow down.  With Amelia leaving for college in only 6 months and Jack half way through his freshman year in high school, I am realizing that what the sages preached is true.  Time flies and you cannot get it back. So I began to look at my life and realized there are places where I can slow down:

  • I can read slower.  I am a fast reader and a skimmer.  What’s the rush? I will admit I did not speed-read Fifty Shades, nor did I speed read To Kill a Mockingbird. Never thought you’d see those two books in the same sentence, did you?
  • I can eat slower. All of us eat on the run. We eat while we walk, drive and work.  We eat standing up and sitting down.  Not good.  We should eat slowly and deliberately for our health and for our minds. Food is nourishment and meant to be enjoyed, with family and friends.  I’m going to try even at work to eat my lunches with a little more deliberation.
  • I can drive slower.  Can I have a moment of silence?  Last month we said good-bye to Fredrick as we turned in the S4 lease.  I was sad to see Fredrick go.  Now  Chip has an A6 sedan, Amadeus.  He is a little more ‘intelligent’ and mature.  Not a speed demon.  I am driving slower, ( I drive an Audi wagon), so is my husband, much to the sadness of the Niskayuna Police and NYS Troopers.  No speed-no ticket-no money.
  • I can talk slower.  Nope.  Not Happening.
  • I can ‘be’ slower. Nope again. I  cannot slow all the way down, I think my heart would stop.  My resting heart rate is on average a 78. That’s low enough.
  • I can love slower.  I can kiss and laugh with my children more often. I can spend time with my cuddle-bug on a cold snowy morning under the blankets.  I can call my mom and tell her I love her more often. (I love you too Amy and Joey.) I can be like Izzy and be content in my bed and blankets to feel the warmth of the sun coming through the window.  That is love to a Pug.

I vow to spend the next 11 months  at least being more cognizant of my speed and promise to heed these mantras as the year progresses.  Maybe if we all do it,  we can rub off on each other and stop jockeying for a shorter line in the market, or at the toll booth.  We can chat and be friendly to the barista that is working so hard to get our coffee done right- and fast. Gentler and slower is better. Let’s see how that sentence tastes in December.




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