2015 New Year’s Resolutions-August- Let it Be.

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I use this phrase loosely  and with some protest.  I am not a Beatles fan at all. I am pure Rolling Stones however, the phrase Let It Be is very self explanatory and doesn’t require a lot of thought or hoopla.  Just Let. It. Be. Ahhh, easier said than done. This month, I will make a valiant effort to let it be; let sleeping dogs lie; live and let live etc.- whatever your mantra might be.

This is a big month for me.  Amelia leaves for college and it is my 35 year high school reunion. Just getting through these milestones will take all the effort, and hopefully improved upon mindset from at least 4 of my 2015 Resolutions described below.

January was the push-up challenge- While this resolution does not affect the challenge this month, I am averaging about 58 push ups a week, mostly on the bench.  I’ll take it!

February was take it slow month- Well the doc said to slow down, move slow, take it slow, yada yada yada. Ok sure. I am in overdrive in my house and my living room looks like a vagabond has squatted there.  I am trying to pace myself for Amelia’s departure.  Do you think the R.I.T Tiger countdown on my iPad is too much?

March was the time to just breathe- Please see the notes for February’s take it slow resolution. I breathe, it’s heavy, stressful breathing but I am indeed, breathing.

April was the time to sit up straight. Stress=slouching.

May was intended to help me refrain from commenting on my husband’s terrible driving. What until we drive Amelia to school. Poor Chip!

June. I need to get fresh. I am digging this change.  I am working on eating more protein and making better choices.  Just a sidebar note: wine is fresh when picked up at a vineyard in the Finger Lakes.  That’s my  story and I am sticking to it.

July simplify. I  have cleaned out my inbox, my contacts, and removed old books from my Kindle.  Two bags of clothes went to Good Will and the garage is next.  once again, Poor Chip.

August:  Letting it be. Being a person who obsesses, this is a tough one. I focus on things until they are done, the way I like them to be done and in the time I think they should be.  after almost 26 years, Chip gets this.  My kids, and sadly my coworkers have not yet jumped aboard the crazy train with me.  I think they will see the light.

Amelia asked me this morning, “Mom, who are you going to ride when I am at school?” Oh dear, was that a challenge?  Did she lose her mind?

Calmly I said, “Jack will get the bulk of it, but you will not escape me.”  Do you think that  put the fear of MOM in her? Probably not.

In  terms of my reunion, I am so excited to reconnect with old friends.  I have lost a few classmates and that is profoundly sad.  I think of them often, I really do, and I hope this 35 year milestone will remind us all to be in the moment.  When you think of a classmate, call/text/email/snail mail them and tell them! Reach out and recall old memories and stories.  I think that settles us, grounds us and reminds us that we are human and fragile and all at the same time, strong and resilient.

Go Linton Blue Devils!

I bet you are thinking after 7 months of rehashing these resolutions that a new and improved Karen may emerge? Well, I am a work in progress and that’s why we make resolutions.  To remind ourselves to continue to be better, be present and be kinder to the mind and body we have. Lord knows, it we could place an order for a new mind and body, what would that look like? Would we finally say, “Ok, Perfect?”  I hope so but till then, I’m going to let it be.

let it be


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