2015 New Year’s Resolutions-April- “Sit up Straight!”

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Another month flew by.  When you think about it, 25% of 2015 is gone.  I remember being 17 and could not wait to be 18, and how absolutely long it took to get there.  Now I cannot put the brakes on fast enough.  Funny how that works.  So looking back on this first quarter 2015, let’s review:

January was the push-up challenge.  Dear me, this has gone from bad to worse.  I feel so far out of my regular workout routine that I have just about abandoned the push up challenge. BUT, no fear, this week I begin working with a trainer at the gym to get back in shape.  My recovery has been progressing but not fast enough.  It needs a little hand.

February ‘s goal was to take it slow. I still am taking it slow- literally and metaphorically. I am actually quite pleased with my discipline to not go back to the gym full speed ahead.  Spin class is slow and I am in the saddle 99% of the class.  Zumba is easier, no jumping.  The bane of my existence, BodyPump, has yet to be tackled until I get rid of the pain in my chest.  It’s getting there.

March is the time to just breathe. This has been the best resolution to date. I use it every day. Like when I came home from the market at 7am this morning and Chip was folding Jack’s laundry.  I took one hell of an inhale when he looked at me and said, “Aren’t you going to thank me for cleaning up? Emptying the dishwasher and folding clothes?” Breathe Karen-Breathe slowly and deliberately. Step away from him and the blunt object within arm’s reach.

Work, for most of us, requires time to deep breathe. I refrain from blogging about my job. Not because there isn’t any good material to be blogged about, but because I really love, and need my job and not everyone has a great sense of humor.  I tend to be very forthcoming and focused.  I have been told I am very organized and deliberate so you can imagine wheat it is like for my peers when others are not wired this way.  Breathe Karen-Breathe ever so deeply and slowly.  That is why God made the French Martini, thank you James!

April is the time to sit up straight. Yes, sit up, stand up, walk with your shoulders back and your head up.  These past few months of dealing with the foot pain, limping and just being out of shape has triggered a major slouch.  So I did some research and found the Lumo Lift. This dandy little device is positioned under your clothing close to your collarbone. According to the website, Turn on Posture Alert to be mindful of when you’re in poor posture for longer stretches throughout the day. When Posture Alert is enabled, your sensor will gently vibrate when you’ve been in bad posture for a period of time that you specify. Really? 

How about it scares the bee-jeez-us out of you when you slouch.  It does not stop until you return to the upright and locked position and so help you God if your shoulders relax even a single degree of decline. Bam–gentle vibration! Now I know why the “coaching sessions” are only for an hour at a time.  If the window was open, I would have thrown it out after 5 minutes.  This is work in progress, but isn’t that what a resolution is?

My journey of 12 months of resolutions continues. I am ok with the progression so far.  I have to remind myself that it takes time to make a change and time is quickly flying by. So if you see me about town, tell me to stand up straight and fly right!  I’ll thank you for it and it comes without a gentle vibration above my left “ta-ta”.  Cheers.



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