2 Months to 50: Say Thank You

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Only 2 months until the big 5-0.  I have done a bit of soul searching, self help and personal improvement these past 10 months.  Some good, some bad, some success, some not so much. Still can’t do a man push up, UGH.

Last month I said I was going to add cash to a ‘tip jar’ every time I cursed.  I did not think I was a big curser but there is $34.00 and change there and that will be sent to the Wilmot Cancer Center in Rochester, NY.  (Zumba ladies that participated in the challenge, I am waiting another week to send it in should you choose to pony up!)

This morning I went to the gym for Body Pump at 5:30am.  Thanks to my friends for getting up with me and encouraging me to push a little harder. PS after Zumba at 6:15 tonight, my quads are screaming!

I usually stop for an iced coffee on the way home.  This morning was no exception. As I pulled out of the parking lot, I saw a huge black crow manhandling this baby bird. I was incensed.  I was driving Fredrick, my husband’s car, thank God as it handles better and I slammed it in reverse and floored to chase this crow.  What?  Was I crazy?

I was so upset about this baby bird. The other little birds were hiding under a car watching this. As I pulled up next to that crow with an attitude, it picked up that baby bird and flew off with it struggling in it’s beak…..  I actually sat there stunned and almost cried.  That poor little thing….

So that made me think: a.) how crazy am I to chase a crow and b.) how could I be better and be thankful for what I can control and what I can do to help others, preferable people.

That is my goal this month.  I will say Thank You more often; commit the cliche random acts of kindness and pay a bit more attention to the smaller things in my life.  Many of us do sweat the big things and overlook the little ones, which quite frankly can bring more joy that the others.

My friend Gina turned 40 today; my roommate Patricia has passed away; my friend Cynthia had breast cancer; and I have been thinking about the baby I lost in 1998.  Pay attention to the small things because the big ones will take care of themselves.  Let’s see how I do this month and I will try not to chase any wildlife before month end. I am thankful for the friends I have, the friends I lost and the ones that I hope will continue to come into my life.

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