140 Kids on a Bus to NYC

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I had a ball yesterday.  I went with my daughter’s chorus group to see Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark at the Foxwoods Theatre in New York City. It was a great day, despite the rain. (I have never loved NYC in the rain).
The bus ride down reminded me of the days when I was a student, all excited for the trip ahead: sitting with friends, bringing snacks, listening to a Jackson Browne tape on my SONY Walkman.  We did not have cell phones, iPods or movies on the bus.  I will spare you all the details of the bits of conversation here and there but on the whole, this is great group of kids.
We arrived in midtown in the pouring rain and without complaint we briefly toured St. Patrick’s Cathedral and browsed the Lego Store in Rockefeller Plaza.  We waved like loonies at the camera and were on TV for the live taping of the Today Show.  The tour of Radio City Music Hall was spectacular and if you ever have a chance to do it, it is a must see in Manhattan.  We even met a Rockette and as my 96 year old Uncle John would have said, “What a nice set of sticks honey!”
We found a group of tables and ate lunch in the concourse of Rockefeller Plaza.  We sat separate among the various tables but still felt like a group.  I was amazed at the way these kids order at Starbucks without hesitation.  My mom has to write down what she wants on a post-it at home before she gets there so she does not get confused!
As you know, I have given up chocolate for Lent. The countdown is less than two weeks to Shangri-La and the visit to M&M World was more than I could take.  My friend Michele said I inhaled the scent so deeply that it should have counted as cheating. Oh well, that Starbucks Non-fat Latte with caramel drizzle took the edge off.
The Spider-Man show was super.  The music was edgy and the U2 influence was apparent.  The acrobatics made your heart stop.  The actors/actresses must have nerves of steel to perform at that height and to fly at those speeds.  I think we all enjoyed it.  The show ended just before 5pm and we faced the walk down 42nd street to pick up the buses in front of Bryant Park.  As I walked past my old office building in Times Square with my daughter and the class, I could not help but feel the pull of those days when I worked there and how much I truly did love the firm and the city itself.  I ate lunch in Bryant Park on those beautiful spring days; a shopped in Christmas Booths in December and I watched the NY Yankees parade from there with friends.  I am happier where I am now but those old memories come thru now and then.
Thank you to our VA Chorus Director who goes through so much to make this trip happen every year.  I am sure she crashed last night and sleep for 9 hours straight.  I had a ball and thank you for making these memories for me and my daughter. Now, when I walk down 42nd Street, I have a new happy feeling that I will think of and that huge M&M World sign will make me smile more than the Falafel cart guy ever has!

PS Ms. K.:  you never, ever, ever want me to teach your math class. I would fear what the class would be like when you returned.

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