12 Months to 50 (plus 100 Push-Ups)

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As you know, I celebrated my birthday this month and shared my plan to meet age 50 in 12 months as a better, stronger person. This first month is my dedication to this push-up program.  Although I am not able to do one-handed or clap-in-between push-ups (Donald and Darin), I am a master at the wall push-up.  My “guns” are loaded and if I keep this up for 12 months, Dear God, I hope, I can do at least 50!

The key is sustainable growth. I need to build on each one of these life changes for the next 12 months and then a “super Karen” will emerge into the fifth decade of my life.  I want to be better each month.

My husband has already made a request for next month:  folding laundry neater and “like your mother”.  My mother is the best laundry folder EVER.  I can never be like her but I sure as hell am going to try. Laundry is the bain of my existence.  Between basketball, LAX and workouts I do a ton of laundry.  I remember going into the basement with my grandmother and watching her do laundry in that old open tub with the roller wringer on top.  She scared me every time she fed a  towel or shirt through that thing for fear her whole arm would go with it. I am not my grandmother…I would have left the country and headed back to Italy.

I am off to do 35 counter push-ups and take that load of laundry out of the dryer and fold it.  My husband needs an undershirt pronounced phonetically  “you-pin-jid”. Oh, a woman’s work is never done!

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