1 Month to 50: WOW

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One month from today I will be 50, a half century or as one of my kids said, half way to death.  I don’t look at it quite that way. It is half a century with another half to go;  half of a magnificent life lived; half way to accomplishing something great, I hope.

I went back into my posts this past 11 months and read all the things I wanted to do better, or to tackle or to learn.  Some with success, some not so much. I still cannot fold clothes or do 100 push ups. I am cursing a bit less and donated the $34.00 to the Breast Cancer Center. I did bring donuts for the Town Yard Waste crew and cookies to the LabCorp people who drew my blood.  I’d like to think I focused a bit more knowing I had all of you watching, reading and encouraging me. An entire year has gone by.

The movie Julie and Julia has been on cable the past few nights. It is the story of a woman who decides to blog as she cooks every recipe in Julia Child’s cookbook.  I feel an odd kindred spirit with her.  In the movie she longs for followers and comments  other than her mother, and I empathize with her. You all have been so great to read my blog via Facebook and the comments that I have gotten from friends old and new have at times made me cry, and laugh and feel so great. I thank you.

I think this month, this last month as a 49 year old, I am going to try and update this blog and make it a bit jazzier.  Add some recipes and maybe a second page. In exchange, I ask if you would, go the blog itself, if you read this on Facebook, and follow me. I have about 100 readers via Facebook but not on the actual blog. (It’s easier if you use Yahoo) I am rounding the 12,000 view mark and it is so encouraging and I would like to see that followers list grow.

So Happy 50th Birthday to all my Class of 1980 friends.  I am sad that we lost a few classmates this year and I pray for the ones that are struggling. I doubt my annual birthday dream of Tom Selleck coming to the door to whisk me away on my birthday will happen but I tell you what, life is pretty darn good just the same.

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